Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft

Logo, Corporate Design, Conference Materials, Responsive Web Design and -Programming

The society, a German-British network of 11 member associations, wants to give itself a contemporary and modern Corporate Design. We develop logo and corporate design as well as the design of the website.

We give the website a modern Corporate Design and develop a responsive and barrier-free Web Design.

Eleven locations provide information about upcoming events and conferences throughout Germany. A filter function finds suitable events. The events are maintained site-specific via an especially for the project developed intranet with various user roles.

For the annual Jung Königswinter conference a microsite will be developed, which informs in parallel to the event. The conference series aims to bring together young Britons and Germans to promote mutual understanding and exchange of ideas.

For precise internal and external communication the documents for correspondence, newsletters and forms are coordinated.

Die Abbildung zeigt verschiedene Cover der Königswinter Konferenz.
For the Königswinter Conference, the annual report compactly summarizes all the information.