Hoppecke Batteries

Touch Display Design

Hoppecke Batteries is the largest manufacturer of industrial batteries, systems and chargers in European hands. The company is specialised in the development of new technologies and services for energy storage and is looking for a modern, innovative solution for the multi-color touch display of their new trak charger series. We develope a design and a suitable navigation structure for interactive operation and various target groups.

In addition to an icon and pictogram family, we design buttons for the status bar and navigation. The elements will display with the basic color blue gray, so that the signal colors blue, yellow, green, red are clearly visible for the four level of battery charge condition.

Hoppecke Batterien Style Guide
A comprehensive User Interface Style Guide joins all design elements and their functionality.

Hoppecke Batterien Touch Display Design
Hoppecke Batterien Touch Display Design
Design which supports the innovative strategy.