Presentation: The European City in 100 Years

The International Gas Union, a global union of the gas industry, organizes a worldwide competition for the sustainable development of the future city that wil be evaluated at the 22 world conference in Tokio. Eight teams from Europe, Asia and America develop innovative proposals and scenarios for a city in the next 100 years. We work for the German team civitas 901 that will concentrate on specific west European features.

The Presentation intro with language

We develop, design and produce a Flash Presentation in an individual colour climate and design. The animated logo expresses thoughts of the future and change.

We find according atmospherical symbolic pictures of the eight topics demography, work, energy, mobility, technology, education, social cohesion and governance. Editorial ideas will be expressed by the way of design.


Booklet for presentation

civitas 901 will be outstanding by the kind of its presentation during the conference.