Logo, Web-Design and -Programming, Corporate Design

Scandria supports the development of a sustainable and innovative transport axis within the EU through various projects. The Scandria Corridor connects capitals and metropolises on the shortest route from Scandinavia to the Adriatic Sea. In addition to the logo, website and corporate design, we are developing various media.

The dynamic logo with its moving bars is a strong visual signal and represents the flows of various kinds: traffic flows, logistics flows, transport flows, goods flows.


The web design adapts to the screens of different devices.

The website offers a cross-border platform for cities and regions to work together on climate-friendly multimodal transport connections. In addition, designed newsletters including subscriptions are published and sent out. Events are managed individually via an event tool, including speakers and registrations.


Das Web Design passt sich den verschiedenen Geräte Bildschirmen an.

A range of printed materials
We provide conferences with brochures, roll-up banners, folders, leaflets and certificates.

New imagery

In addition, a picture library with an independent photo line is being developed.


Dynamically designed advertisements promote the project.

Modern design for transnational cooperation.