Clarus Capital

Responsive Webdesign and -Programming

The Clarus Capital Group (CCG) as Wealth Manager and Asset Manager intends to develop the service for their demanding and upmarket international clientele. With this focus, we designed the previous minimalist website and implement the new design with three key aspects:

New imagery

How to generate high performance? The 6 partner of the CCG betray their very personal places as an energy source to success. An expressive imagery of mountain landscapes was the goal of our photo research. The capturing of peaks reinforce the guiding idea and the achievement of common objectives.

Personal advice

Clarus Capital
Clarus Capital
Clarus Capital wants to support a more personalized service to its customers. For this purpose, the website provides detailed offers for services and products through to a database.

Smart animations

Various animations and overlay options create more tension and variety and give the viewer the feeling to go exploring. This attracts increased attention.

Related content will be presented by means of a tag navigation as overlays.

On the homepage in the newsletter registration the background image move in sync with the scroll through the use of parallax scrolling.

On your first visit to the site our service all the images and text are displayed one after the other.

A Web Relaunch with vision, which reflects the corporate philosophy very well.